There are 21 areas of wealth transfers which affect the value of your assets.  While some wealth transfers can only be minimized, others may be eliminated altogether. Our philosophy is to find ways to make your money more efficient so that you may improve your results without assuming more risk. Financial independence is not about accumulating assets. It's about having enough cash flow to maintain your lifestyle throughout your life expectancy.

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Lifetime Planning

At First Benefits Group, Inc., we begin the process with our clients by listening. We ask questions to learn about your specific needs and desires. We want to know what you like and don’t like, what you have in place, and what your dreams for the future may be.

We focus on finding any leaks in your financial situation in order to recapture wealth you may be losing unnecessarily and, possibly unknowingly.

Social Security Planning

74% of retirement Social Security recipients receive less income than they are entitled to receive.

At First Benefits Group, Inc. we educate our clients how to plan for maximizing their Social Security benefits by answering these important questions:

  • Will Social Security be there for you?
  • How much can you expect to receive?
  • How can you maximize your income?
  • Will Social Security be enough to live on in retirement?

For information on attending one of our workshops to learn more, please CLICK HERE.

Tax Planning

Some of the 21 areas of wealth transfers occur through taxes.  At First Benefits Group, Inc. we explore how much you may be losing on your savings and investments to taxes.  We seek out ways to reduce or eliminate taxes as much as possible.


We believe you must first learn the methodologies of how to maximize wealth by avoiding unnecessary wealth transfers and risk. Some of these include taxes, insurance, expenses, debt, and volatility. ​

We believe that by managing wealth transfers you will substantially increase the rate of return on your existing assets.  In essence, creating more wealth without any additional risk.

We utilize uncommon thinking in creating a step-by-step strategy for plugging any leaks in your financial bucket.

Once we recapture wealth that is "leaking" from your financial situation, we will recommend additional wealth-building solutions that are client-specific.

Our recommendations are geared toward changing your focus. Don't follow the crowd. Control your own destiny by learning how money really works.


Finding the “leaks” in your financial situation, reviewing strategies for recapturing lost wealth and increasing wealth for our clients are the first steps. The final step is to take action. This may include generating a specific Social Security report, and recommendations for any financial products such as Life Insurance and Fixed Annuities.

The reality is, people are living longer in retirement and therefore, cannot afford to make mistakes with their money.  Most American families face major challenges in reaching their financial independence number (FIN). Decisions made today will have a major impact on your lifestyle at retirement.

Any recommendation we may provide will be substantiated with documentation.

"Statements without documentation are only opinions."


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