The Pioneer Health Plan offers a unique solution to employee healthcare. Pioneer is a private label, proprietary group health insurance plan sponsored by First Benefits Group, Inc. and offered nationwide to groups of at least 25 employees.

About Pioneer Health Plan

A Better Option

The Problem: Medical inflation continues to rise at a much faster growth rate than the economy. For many employers medical insurance costs falls at the top of the company’s operating expenses, aside from payroll.¬† For others, the cost of health insurance can mean the difference between profit and loss. The result for many employers is cost shifting and high deductible plans.

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What makes the Pioneer Health Plan a unique solution?

Pioneer uses an alternative financing health plan model, combined with payment reimbursements based on an objective database of cost information, such as Medicare, to determine fair and reasonable payment for medical services.

The strategy allows for a higher quality health plan that has built-in cost containment features. The result is that health care costs fall below medical trends, without benefit reductions or cost increases. The plan falls within the guidelines of federal and state regulations.

The Ideal Pioneer Candidate

Employers who:

*Are concerned about the well-being of their employees and want to provide high quality health insurance coverage.

*Employ at least 25 full time employees.

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*Demand transparency and cost control features.

*Understand that managing the cost components of their health insurance plan is as important as managing the plan provisions.

*Are interested in having more control of their plan and costs by bypassing the dictates of large bureaucratic insurance companies.

*Realize that by establishing a long term model for their health plan they can avoid having to reach out to new vendors each year to find a better quote for health insurance.

*Understand that they will reap the financial benefits from both a reduction in health insurance claims costs and increased productivity of their employees, by motivating them through incentives to improve their health.

Who We Are

The Pioneer Health Plan is a private label, proprietary, group health insurance plan sponsored by First Benefits Group, Inc. The plan is offered nationwide.

First Benefits Group, Inc. has been serving the Florida area since 1996 in individual and group financial and insurance needs.

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Pioneer Health Plan partners:

Stop-Loss Brokerage has over 25 years experience in Self-Funded plans, and serves as a consultant to groups ranging from 15-5000 employees.

ThinkHR provides real time resolutions to workforce and compliance issues through online access to training, information and compliance. Employers who choose the Pioneer Health Plan have complete access to the ThinkHR resources.