Medicare – You only retire once – It’s important to get it right the first time.

Are you preparing for Medicare? We recommend you research your Medicare coverage options. Medicare is a key component to healthcare in retirement. For many Americans it is the sole form of health insurance over 65.

There is a lot of confusion regarding Medicare, how it works, the difference between Parts A, B, C and D, and Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans.

Each year there is Open Enrollment. This is a time you can make changes. We suggest you do the research now so you can make an informed decision when enrollment becomes available.

Five Points to Consider when enrolling in Medicare

  1. Medicare can be a maze of confusion.
  2. Seek out professional guidance when enrolling. It will save you time and assists in making
    the right decision.
  3. Know the four parts of Medicare
  4. Understand your enrollment options.
  5. Know your options if still employed and Medicare eligible.
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Medicare is complicated. Let us help with understanding the Medicare enrollment process. Contact us for a complimentary FBG Medicare Insurance Checklist and preparation guide.

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