First Benefits Group, Inc. has been serving the Florida area since 1996 in individual and group financial and insurance needs.

What is our approach?

For employers with more than 25 employees – We understand that business as usual will not work in the future. We are looking at developing disruptive approaches that will change how employers handle health care insurance and the healthcare of their employees.

Our model is based on developing long term relationships with the employers and employees with the emphasis on keeping employees healthy. We continue to align ourselves with strategic partners that have the tools that help us advance our model.

Reference based pricing is our first step. The increased use of technology for data collection for decision making is increasing at a rapid pace and will be a core feature going forward.

Another step in the near future is creating offerings to employees that align incentives around long term behavioral change. It is equally as important to manage the population as managing the details of the health plan.

The long term results are employers will have a more productive and healthier work force and rising medical trends will be more in alignment with inflation.


401k for Groups

Providing retirement benefits to your employees, such as 401(k) plans, is an important step in recruiting, retaining, and promoting employee satisfaction.

Recruitment and retention: Offering a 401(k) plan demonstrates that an organization is invested in the long-term outlook of its employees and of the organization.

Morale Boost: Providing a 401(k) to employees improves employee morale by reducing financial stress. In addition to addressing financial stress, a 401(k) match or Profit-Sharing feature shows employees that their employer is willing to invest its people.

Tax Benefits: 401(k) plans offer tax advantages to employees and employers. Employees can contribute tax-deferred money into the plan lowering current tax liability. That money will not be taxed until the employee takes a distribution, most likely in retirement. Employers have tax incentives with 401(k) plans as well. Contributions made to employees through a matching and/or profit-sharing contribution are deductible.

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(401k) 6 Point Plan Review Process

1 Costs

a. Recordkeeper Company
b. Investments / funds
c. Third Party Administrator
d. Advisor

2 Investments

a. Is it the right line-up (work demographic profile)
b. Performance
c. Asset class coverage

3 Fiduciary

a. Plan level Investments – 3(21)
b. Participant level – 3(38)
c. Operational – 3(16)
d. Fiduciary Solutions Guide – 404(c) compliance — Delegating

4 Service

a. Plan Sponsor
b. Participants

5 Plan Design

a. Third Party Administrator
b. Are they saving enough
c. Staff Costs/Contributions

6 Current Advisor

a. Expectations/ Service Model
b. Current services provided

Information Needed to Prepare Plan Review:

  • Fee Disclosure Notice (408(b)(2) Notice)
  • Current Asset Statement (Funds w/ balance
  • TPA fee schedule if applicable
  • Adoption Agreement if applicable
  • Census Data if applicable

Other Benefits


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