Do you have the answers to the following questions regarding your financial future?

  1. Will my money last as long as I do, and can I afford to retire?
  2.  When is the optimal time to take Social Security?
  3.  What do I need to know about Medicare and Long-Term Care protection?
  4.  What are the major threats to my money, and what can I do to eliminate or minimize these threats?
  5.  What can I do to improve the efficiency of my money without incurring additional risk?
  6. Do I have a grip on my monthly expenses and have I taken the time to list those expenses?

Our Process​

Lifetime Planning – Why is it important?

Life expectancy is increasing for the majority of Americans.  According to IRS tables, the probability of at least one spouse of a couple who are 65 years old living to age 90 is at least fifty percent. Our lives will be very different in our golden years, but our need for cash for lifestyle expenses will still be there. It’s important that our money lasts at least as long as we do.


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Let’s get started on your financial journey towards retirement.

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9 to Know

Wealth Transfers – What you Need to Know
“There is more to be gained by avoiding wealth transfers than picking apparent winners in the marketplace.”

  1. Wealth transfers are a liability. The liability can be a current or future liability.
  2. They are hidden. You need a trained eye to find them.
  3. They can be a huge obstacle to creating wealth.
  4. They hinder cash flow.
  5. Most advisors do not know they exist and do not deal with them.
  6. They can be minimized, corrected, or avoided.

Because we are not product oriented, but service oriented, our clients receive additional value through our advice, planning strategies, and options which are specific to their needs.

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