Do you have the answers to the following questions regarding your financial future?
1.   Will my money last as long as I do??
2.   When should I take Social Security?
3.   What do I need to know about Medicare and Long Term Care protection?
4.   What are the major threats to my money, and what can I do to eliminate or minimize these threats?

5.   What can I do to improve the efficiency of my money without incurring additional risk?

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Our Process​

Lifetime Planning – Why is it important?

Life expectancy is increasing for the majority of Americans.  According to IRS tables, the probability of at least one spouse of a couple who are 65 years old living to age 90 is at least fifty percent. Our lives will be very different in our golden years, but our need for cash for lifestyle expenses will still be there. It's important that our money lasts at least as long as we do.

Where do you start?

It starts with a discovery phase. We initially ask a lot of questions. We need to know where you are financially and where you want to be.

From there we follow a well-defined process with our clients designed to maintain open communications, offer education, create client-specific strategies, provide documentation verifying our recommendations, and continually monitor the results.


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DISCOVER: The discovery process begins with an understanding of our client's beliefs, values and goals about money.  Discovery will help us determine the following:

  • What are the predicaments, problems and challenges ("PPC") with your present financial position?
  • Can the PPC's be corrected or minimized?
  • Do you want the PPC's corrected or minimized?
  • Do you want us to help you uncover some of these challenges and develop strategies for improvement?

"What we think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the right question." Jonas Salk

Our role is to ask the right questions!

EDUCATE: Many of our beliefs about money are passed to us from multiple sources. The origination of the information is not important, but the validity and accuracy is paramount. Information from all sources is available to us with the push of a button.  Is the information accurate and can it be verified?

Our role is to separate fact from opinion and educate our clients about money and how it works!

ANALYZE: We take the information from the discovery process and put it into a format and model that simplifies the material, and is easy to follow and comprehend.

Our role is to assemble the mountain of information and put it into a format that works for our client!

STRATEGIZE: The financial world is filled with people and institutions touting that their product is superior to their competitors.  There are many good financial institutions and financial products.  There are no perfect products.  Financial success is determined by developing strategies that focus on a process, not a product. Strategies need to be developed to handle both expected and unexpected events. They must work under all conditions, regardless of economic or political conditions.  Once the strategies are in place then the products can be chosen that align with the course of action.

Our role is to take our knowledge, apply it, and develop successful strategies that make our clients' money more efficient!

VERIFY:  Opinions without documentation are only opinions. Verification of accuracy is required on all strategies proposed.

"Trust but verify." Ronald Reagan

Our role is to provide supporting documentation on all of the strategies we recommend!

IMPLEMENT: Taking action is a key component. Research shows that about 80% of all plans are never implemented.  The main reason is that the plans are long and complex focusing only on statistics rather than concepts.

Our role is to make sure the plan is easy to understand and implement, and assist with implementation!

MONITOR: Our world is moving and changing at an incredibly fast rate. It is important that our strategies are monitored on a regular basis to insure changes are made as necessary to keep pace with our changing lives.

Our role is to monitor our client's progress so they can keep pace with a fast paced world and their changing lives!































There are several danger zones with your money in both the accumulation and distribution phases.  The decisions you make in the accumulation stage have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle at retirement.  Lifetime Planning starts with understanding the seven basic principles of money.

  • Money is both a resource and a scarcity. How we handle it determines how much we control it.
  • There is more to be gained by avoiding losses than picking apparent winners.
  • We must first plan for unexpected events.
  • Our lives are governed by cash flow.  It is important to retain liquidity, use, and control of our money.
  • Developing strategies is more important than picking the perfect product.
  • You can substantially increase your rate of return on your existing assets by minimizing, correcting, or avoiding wealth transfers.
  • Asset location is as important as asset allocation.

Wealth Transfers – What you Need to Know
"There is more to be gained by avoiding losses than picking apparent winners."

  • Wealth transfers are a liability. The liability can be a current or future liability.
  • They are hidden. You need a trained eye to find them.
  • They can be a huge obstacle to creating wealth.
  • They hinder cash flow.
  • Most advisors do not know they exist and do not deal with them.
  • They can be minimized, corrected, or avoided.

Because we are not product oriented, but service oriented, our clients receive additional value through our advice, planning strategies, and options which are specific to their needs.  

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