1. Longevity is the biggest risk with our money. People are living longer, and we must plan for it.
  2. Planning begins with determining your essential lifestyle expenses in retirement.
  3. Determine how long your money will last in retirement before you stop earning income.
  4. The focus should be ensuring your money lasts as long as you do.
  5. Cash flow governs our decisions.
  6. The plan must work under all conditions – good and bad markets, certain and uncertain times.
  7. Certainty and predictability are key components in the planning process.
  8. Inflationis the silent killer of cash flow and must be considered in planning.
  9. There is more to be gained by avoiding losses than chasing winners in the marketplace.
  10. Hoping for higher rates of return on your assets is not a viable long-term strategy.
  11. You will live on less in retirement if you don’t have enough cash flow.
  12. Asset location (safe vs risky) is more important than asset allocation.
  13. Managing liabilities is as important as managing your assets.

Recommendation: Secure an advisor, understand these concepts, and let him or her guide you to a worry free and successful retirement!


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